Veterinarian Compounding

We offer animal and pet medicine compounding services, too! Just like the humans that care for them, sometimes animals and pets require customized medication plans to help make life easier and to improve compliance. By preparing medication that is easy to administer, the pet pharmacy at Marco Drugs & Compounding helps animal lovers and veterinarians care for their animals. Compounding allows veterinarians to prescribe dosage forms and strengths that suit each individual animal’s needs. For example, medications that are tailored to an animal’s size and weight are safer and more effective because they reduce the chances of overdosing and undertreating. For animal owners, compounding makes managing critical medication simpler. With customized medication strengths, pet owners do not have to worry about cutting up tablets that are commercially available. With flavors that are appealing to dogs, cats, and other animals, as well as non-capsule dosage forms such as liquid and transdermal preparations, human companions also do not have to worry about whether their pet will take the medicine they need.

Our pet pharmacy prepares medications that take into account:

  • Animal tastes
  • Ideal size, dosage form, and strength of prescriptions
  • Combinations that promote compliance
  • New delivery systems
  • and more

We view compounding as a way to achieve better health for our furry friends. Working with veterinarians and owners, Marco Drugs & Compounding creates solutions to pet medicine problems.