3 Supplements and Vitamins to Help Focus and Concentration

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Your ability to focus and concentrate are essential to getting through the day, whether you’re driving, doing schoolwork, or completing work at your job. With all the distractions nowadays, it seems impossible to get even a moment of concentration in—and it doesn’t help that we often have short attention spans. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three supplements and vitamins to help focus and concentration.

Why Do You Have Trouble Concentrating?

Before you consider a vitamin or supplement, it’s important to figure out why you have so much trouble focusing in the first place.


You may be distracted by internal thoughts, such as things you’re stressed about. In these cases, you can choose to do a bit of journaling or a brain dump to try to clear your head of these thoughts. You might find that external factors, like loud noises or a messy work area, distract you. If this is your situation, try to find a nice, quiet area to work or take some time to clean your desk or office.


Social media is useful, but it is also a world of distraction right at your fingertips. If you often find yourself switching over to a Youtube video or your Instagram feed while working or studying, you can temporarily delete your apps or use a website blocker for distracting sites.

Missing Nutrients

Certain nutrients are essential to proper brain function. If it’s a matter of missing certain vitamins or minerals, then a supplement could be necessary. Our compounding pharmacy can certainly help you here!

Supplements and Vitamins to Help Focus and Concentration: 3 Essentials

For safe, effective ways to boost your ability to focus, here are a few essential vitamins to help improve your brain function.

  1. Fish oil
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Vitamin B


  1. Fish Oil

Fish oil has two omega-3 fatty acids that are critical for your brain: DHA and EPA. DHA, in particular, has been linked to an improved ability to think and remember in cases of mild memory loss. Those who have lower-than-normal levels of DHA may find deficits in their learning. If you don’t eat much fish or consume a vegan diet, omega-3 supplements can help you get the fatty acids you need.

  1. Vitamin D3

Much of our population struggles to get enough D vitamins in, including vitamin D3. This vitamin is linked to our focus and concentration—low vitamin D3 levels have been associated with lower cognitive function.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B12, in particular, is important for your ability to learn, remember, and concentrate. Research suggests that those with low levels of vitamin B12 have a greater difficulty with learning. However, the entire vitamin B family is important for supporting healthy brain function, energy, and alertness.

Ask Your Local Pharmacist About Supplementation

Many people go straight to energy drinks or harmful substances to improve their concentration. But these mechanisms don’t address the root cause of a poor attention span—you might need to take supplements or vitamins to help focus and concentration. Ask your doctor to test for any nutrient imbalances.

Please note that in severe cases, you may need to schedule a visit with your doctor to address any underlying conditions, such as ADHD.