Compounded Medicine and How It Can Help Your Pets

Compounded Medicine and How It Can Help Your Pets


Compounded medicine is an alternative way of administering medication to pets that need it. It’s helpful for animals that struggle with traditional prescription pills.

When made and administered by a knowledgeable pharmacist, compounded medicine can be just as effective as a prescribed drug without side effects.

What is Compounded Medicine?

Compounded medicine is a mixture of two or more medications custom-made for the individual pet. This type of medicine can be especially helpful in treating pets with specific conditions, as the ingredients may be specifically tailored to address those issues.

Customized formulas for individual pets allow for more accurate dosing and better treatment for your pet. Compounded medicines may also be more affordable than traditional treatments, making them an attractive option for pet owners.

If you’re considering using compounded medicines, be sure to consult a trusted pharmacy and follow all dosage instructions carefully. With careful consideration and adherence to these guidelines, you can ensure that your pet receives the best care.

Benefits of Compounded Medication

Here are some of the benefits of using compounding pharmacies:

  1. Variety: Most common medications come in pill form, but some pets need a liquid or food form. With a compounding pharmacy, you can create a medication that is specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.
  2. Customization: Depending on the medication, you may be able to customize its dosage, duration of action, and other factors. This can make treatment more effective for your pet.
  3.  Safety: With a compounding pharmacy, you are ensured that the medication is safe and effective. The pharmacy will also check the ingredient list and ensure no potential allergens exist.

If you are a Florida pet owner and believe your pets are having difficulty taking their medication, compounded pet medication may be a great option to ensure your pets are getting their full dose in order to recover.

video transcription:

We get a lot of requests about dogs or cats that won’t take their medication in pill form. For that, we can convert that medication into a liquid. It could be chicken flavored, it could be banana flavored, peanut butter flavored, [or] liver flavored to have some kind of base to work with the taste of the pet.

There are some tricks for an [owner] to mask the medication, such as with peanut butter as that may be easier [or more] accessible to the owner. But when that is not successful, I think that the best route is [going to] a compounding pharmacy who can tailor the taste of the medicine and work with the owner of the pet to try to get the best way to give the medication. It can be sometimes even be a paste that the pet is gonna lick.

So it’s really specific to the pet.