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How a Pet Pharmacy in Florida Can Make Medicine Time Easier

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Have you ever heard about compounding from your Florida pet compounding pharmacy? It’s a process used to make medicine more palatable for your dog or cat. In this article, learn the basics of compounding and what you should know before you send your pet to their veterinarian!

What is pet medicine compounding?

Pet medicine compounding is a specialized pharmacy service in which a pharmacist takes raw materials (active ingredients and a base) and makes new medications that are tailored to individual patient needs. The compounding process begins with the pharmacist ensuring the quality of the raw materials and how much should be added.

Why would I want to compound my pet’s medicine?

Compounding is the process of preparing a custom, freshly mixed medication. If you are concerned about dosage, your pharmacist can assist and suggest an alternative way to provide the medication. Compounding formulations can be designed and mixed according to your pet’s needs and following your veterinarian’s recommendations. Medicines can be compounded to turn difficult-to-swallow pills into liquids that taste good to your pet, turning dose time from a battle into a pleasant experience for both of you. A pet compounding pharmacy in Florida can accept a regular prescription from your veterinarian and fill it in the flavor of your choice, or at least your pet’s choice since we may not all be in love with liver flavor!

There are some medications that your pet will have to take for a long period of time, such as those used for heart or thyroid conditions. These can be difficult to administer in their traditional prescription form, so compounding can be a helpful solution. 

How does a pet pharmacy compound my medicine?

Compounding a medicine requires a pharmacist with experience in compounding. There are many steps involved in compounding your medication and a compounding pet pharmacy in Florida will make sure that your medicine meets all of the quality standards, ensuring your pet only receives the correct medication at the prescribed dose.

Do’s and Don’ts for compounding your pet’s medicine

The key to successfully compounding medicine for your pet is for your pet pharmacist to work in collaboration with a veterinarian. They will be the best ones to provide guidance on do’s and don’ts, safety practices, and what formulations are most appropriate. This can prevent problems such as accidental overdosing, unnecessary changes in ingredients, or drug interactions.

Can I still use compounded medicines when traveling with my pet?

Although many pet owners would prefer to purchase their medications from a veterinarian, sometimes it is not convenient. Compounded medicinal products are designed for certain conditions such as pain relief or chronic illnesses. When traveling, it can be difficult to find a veterinarian who will be able to compound medicine for your pet. While compounded medicines can be formulated to be suitable for travel, it is typically best to work with your pet pharmacy in Florida to arrange for pickup or delivery of a sufficient quantity of medication to cover your trip and return.


If you are a pet lover in Florida and you feel your pet is struggling with taking his medicine, then compounded pet medication may be a great option to make sure he is getting his full dose in order to get well.