5 New Year's Resolution Health Tips from Your Local Pharmacy

5 New Year’s Resolution Health Tips from Your Local Pharmacy

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The New Year is an excellent time to take stock of your health and set new goals. Here are a few resolutions your local pharmacy thinks you might want to consider.

New year, new you! As you make your way into 2021 and say goodbye to 2020, It’s important to think about how you can improve your habits and health. It’s never too late to start living a healthier life, so why not begin now?

These five New Year’s resolutions might help you get your health on track so that you can make this year the year that you foster better health.

Sit Less, Move More

If you are one of the countless people whose jobs recently turned into remote work, this resolution is especially for you. Chances are that your workspace at home is not as ergonomically designed as your space at work, so sitting for hours on end can have a significant impact on your body.

Even if you do sit in a nice, comfy chair for work, you should get in the habit of moving more. Go for a walk. Ride your bike around the block. Whatever you do, get moving this year.

Get Your Pain Under Control

It’s not easy to get your steps in or sit at a desk all day if you are in pain. Chronic pain is a serious problem that prevents many people from moving as much as they would like to. What’s worse is that a sedentary lifestyle can exacerbate chronic pain.

Contact your local pharmacy to get your pain medication prescriptions filled and to learn about other pain management options.

Make Sleep a Priority

Getting the proper amount and quality of sleep that you should is essential for achieving your other health goals. If you do not feel rested, you are not going to exercise as much as you should. Make this year a time of restfulness.

Visit Your Doctor

So many people have been putting off going to the doctor, and it’s not just because of COVID-19. If you have been making excuses for months (or even years), it’s time to schedule an appointment with your physician.

You can’t get your health in order if you don’t know what is wrong, so the sooner you get a checkup, the sooner you can start working toward better health.

Find the Right Balance of Medications

If you are on medication, you might be surprised to know that the dosage you are on could be less than optimal for your needs. If you think that your dosage is off, or if you want to learn about alternative forms that your medication could take, talk to our pharmacist today.

Stop by Your Local Pharmacy to Get the Medicine You Need

Get in touch with us today if you need to fill a prescription or want to learn more about why compounding might be right for you.

We are standing by to help you achieve your health goals for 2021!