5 Reasons to Ditch the Big Chain and Find a Compounding Pharmacy Today

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Big chain pharmacies often offer pre-made medications intended to suit everyone’s needs. The issue is that every patient has individual health goals and allergies. Compounding pharmacies understand that creating different medications for every patient is perfectly doable. Your pharmacist can work with you and your physician to tailor your formulas. Here are the five main reasons why you should find a compounding pharmacy today.

#1: Customizable Formulas

While we touched on this briefly, we want to emphasize that a compounding pharmacy’s biggest advantage is the ability to customize. Your pharmacists create your medication from raw ingredients so they can take your preferences into account. Why is personalization so important? Every person has unique needs and different reactions to active ingredients. What makes one person react negatively may not affect another individual. With a compounding pharmacy, you can work with your doctor and pharmacist to experiment with different percentages and ingredients.

#2: Easy-to-Take Medication

For many, pills are difficult to swallow, especially if they are larger capsules. Patients may have trouble swallowing because of health conditions or disabilities. Since a compounding pharmacy creates your medication in-house, they can create specially made liquids and dissolvable chewable tablets. Your pharmacists can even add flavoring to make your medicine easier to stomach! This aspect is especially useful for picky kids.

#3: No Out-of-Stock or Discontinued Medication

If you find that your medication is out of stock at a big chain pharmacy, it can be frustrating. You often need to find another pharmacy on the fly to fill your prescription. During the pandemic, pharmacies have experienced even more shortages due to increased demand. Even worse is that your medicine might be discontinued altogether. Your best option might be to find a compounding pharmacy near you. They do not need to worry about late shipments or discontinued drugs as they create every medication on-site.

#4: Personal Accommodations

Your local compounding pharmacy will be more able to accommodate your dietary or religious restrictions. For instance, plenty of medicines come in gelatin capsules. Gelatin is an animal by-product, meaning this form would be unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians. Similarly, those who follow kosher or halal guidelines would not be able to use this drug. Your pharmacist can instead formulate your prescription to exclude any ingredients that do not suit you. Also, your local compounding pharmacy would be able to create headache medicine or other medications in a suppository form to use when oral intake is not possible.

#5: Newest Treatments

It can take years for a new treatment to be commercially available. But when you have exhausted the current therapies and found no solution, you might feel that you have nowhere to turn to. However, your doctor can prescribe you medications that show encouraging results in studies. Your big retail pharmacy likely does not fill these prescriptions as they are not widely available — but your compounding pharmacy might have the means to create them.

Find a Compounding Pharmacy Today

Tired of retail pharmacies? Want customizable formulas that rarely go out-of-stock? A compounding pharmacy could be the best route for you. Our pharmacy is available to help fill your prescription Monday through Saturday. If you have any questions about medications or formulas, reach out at 305-665-4411 to talk to our pharmacist, Sonia E. Martinez.