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Can Pet Medicine Be Compounded? When to Compound Your Pet’s Medication

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Our pets are a part of the family, so when it comes to pet medicine, it’s no surprise that most people want only the best. We want the medication to be effective and to be easy to take. That’s not too much to ask for our furry little friends, is it?

Sometimes, however, manufactured medications don’t fit our pets’ health needs. For example, have you ever had a hard time getting your pet to take their medicine? Have you ever had trouble finding the right strength for your pet? It turns out, humans aren’t the only ones with unique medication needs!

When Is Compounding Your Best Option?

Compounding your pet medicine is usually the best option when your animal has a medical condition that can’t be treated by a commercially available product. For example, if your cat needs a medication that only comes in the form of a pill and your cat won’t take medicine that way, then you and your veterinarian will need to come up with a solution.

Better Compliance from Individualized Dosage Forms

The solution to the above issue of pet medicine compliance could be to create a new form of the medication that is easier to administer. A compounding pharmacy could take the medication and combine it with a flavorful liquid that the cat would be eager to ingest, like a chicken or liver flavored medication. When your pet actually enjoys the taste of a medication, you won’t have to spend as much time or effort to treat their health issues.

If your pet has multiple medications to take, you can also make it easier on them by asking your compounding pharmacy to combine the medications into a single pill or other form.

Optimal Pet Medicine Dosage Strengths

Like people, no two pets are the same, even when they are the same species. The dosage strengths that are readily available may not fit the needs of every dog, cat, or other animal that needs treatment. One way that a compounded pet medicine can help your pet is by allowing you to change the dosage strengths. Or you can create a medication that has been discontinued but that your pet still needs.

Talk to Us about How We Can Help with Your Pet Medicine Needs

Compounding for animals is a very specialized field requiring extensive training, equipment, and chemicals not found in traditional pharmacies. Our advanced training enables us to provide solutions to difficult animal medication problems. Our pharmacists work with pet owners and veterinarians to compound medications, by prescription, to meet the unique needs of your furry and feathered friends.