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How to Stay Healthy While You Are Stuck at Home

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During a pandemic like COVID-19, when you are stuck at home and unable to go about your routine as you did before social distancing was a thing, staying healthy in body and mind is a top priority. To help our customers maintain their health, our compounding pharmacy FL is taking every step necessary to protect the community while we are open, including regular sanitization of common areas and workspaces at our store.

But we want to do more! Here are some tips to help you stay happy and healthy while you are stuck at home.

Mind What You Eat

While many people are reaching for canned and preserved foods on supermarket shelves, according to Carmen Byker Shanks, an associate professor of food and nutrition at Montana State University, right now is an excellent time to buy fresh, nutrient-rich produce. “Buy those fruits and vegetables, cut them up and put them in your freezer, because they can be used for months to come,” she told Time’s Jamie Ducharme in March.

Find Time for Fitness

If you’re feeling restless indoors while the sun is shining outside, go ahead and get some exercise. People are not getting as much movement in now that they are working from home, so even a quick walk around the block can help you stretch and work those neglected muscles.

Stave Off the Stress

Everyone is stressed right now. With families stuck inside together and worries like job security or even financial strain, it’s no wonder why. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers some guidance on managing stress. According to the CDC website, it’s important to take breaks from watching the news and scrolling social media. They also recommend coping tactics like meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

One of the reasons you need to manage your stress levels is because it can affect your ability to sleep well. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, you could actually reduce your body’s ability to fight off diseases like COVID-19.

For Bill Fish, who interviewed with Terry Nguyen of Vox, creating a sort of sanctuary for sleep in your bedroom can combat insomnia. He gives readers a few tips: “Set up your bedroom so that it’s intended for sleep. Clean up around your sleeping area, since your mind might race if there’s clutter in the room. Consider charging your phone in another room, and don’t watch television before bed.”

Keep Your Nose (and Your Living Space) Clean

We all know by now not to touch our faces when we go out and to wash our hands for 20 seconds on a regular basis. But did you know that keeping your living space clean can help you stay physically and mentally healthy, too? Try to declutter any areas you spend a lot of time in. Not only will you make disinfecting them easier, you’ll also create an anxiety-free space.

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