Medicine compounding can reduce the number of medications you take.

Medicine Compounding? Here Are the Top 3 Things to Know

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Believe it or not, there was once a time when all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. With the advent of mass-produced medicines in the middle of the twentieth century, many pharmacists stepped away from their roles as medicine preparers to become medicine distributors. Medicine compounding became a thing of the past.

Some say those were simpler times. If we’re talking about medicine, however, we would argue that they were more complex times—and people were better off for it.

Think about it. Do today’s medicines—created to serve the entire population in a single form and limited dosages—really do what they are supposed to do? Not for everyone. Pharmacies took the time to care for each patient individually before mass production. Sure, it took more time and effort, but people got the treatments that worked for them. Today, most pharmacies offer one-size-fits-all solutions to unique medical conditions that might require a bit more care and attention.

Compounding pharmacies like ours serve a vital function in today’s healthcare industry. Want to learn how? Here are the top three things to know about compounding.

Medicine Compounding Is Customizable

Some commercially available medications don’t come in the right dosages or forms for people who have special medical needs. Some get discontinued. When these things happen, patients require a solution that meets their needs. Because you can customize medication with compounding, you don’t have to go without a potentially life-saving medicine.

Maybe your medicine only comes in a single size of a capsule or tablet but it’s too big for you to swallow. Medicine compounding can convert that medicine into a different form, such as a transdermal gel, to make things easier for you.

Compounded Medicine Won’t Leave Behind a Bad Taste…Literally

It’s no secret that many different medications have a very unpleasant taste. Just ask Mary Poppins!

At Marco Drugs & Compounding, we help the medicine go down using a variety of delicious flavors. Our pharmacist will work with you to find the one that you like the best. We’ve had great success using it to increase compliance with children and pets, too!

Not All Pharmacies Do Medicine Compounding

Despite their past ubiquity, compounding pharmacies can be difficult to find today. Some pharmacies only offer compounding for certain medicines. Others don’t offer it at all.

That’s what sets Marco Drugs & Compounding apart from the rest. Our pharmacists use their extensive experience and knowledge of medicine to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. We work with both doctors and patients to help promote wellness by making medications easier and more pleasant to take.

If you are experiencing any problems with your current medication regimen, talk to your primary care physician about whether medicine compounding might be right for you. Already know you need a compounding solution? Give us a call at 305-665-4411 or click here and leave your information.