​​Stay Tuned for Our New Location!

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Marco Drugs and Compounding Pharmacy has exciting news! We will be opening a new location soon to better serve you and your needs. As always, we will be offering the following specialty compounding pharmacy services.

5 Specialty Compounding Pharmacy Services Marco Offers

Not all pharmacies offer the same services. At a compounding pharmacy, you will receive treatments customized to your own individual needs.

Compounded Medications

The medications that are commercially available don’t always meet the needs of their patients, especially if the patient in question is an elderly person, a child, or an animal. Sometimes it can be difficult to swallow pills in their traditional form, or a different dosage is necessary. A compounding pharmacist may be able to serve you by creating the following types of medications:

  • Dosage forms such as chewable tablets, gels, or lollipops.
  • Prescriptions without dyes, sugars, lactose, non-kosher, or non-halal ingredients.
  • Medications that are no longer commercially made.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

With estrogen and testosterone levels decreasing as you get older, it is important for many people to supplement those levels for their quality of life. Low levels of either hormone could lead to fatigue, aches, pains, depression, low libido, and sexual difficulties. Our pharmacists may be able to create a hormone therapy cream or gel that allows the medication to enter your bloodstream through your skin, bypassing your liver.

Pet Compounding

Pets have unique needs just like their human counterparts. A medication might be too potent for your furry or feathered friend, requiring you to break tablets in half. Your pet might have trouble swallowing pills, making medicine time tedious and frustrating for both of you. At a compounding pharmacy, you can request that savory flavorings be added into the medicine or that the medicine be made into a different form, such as a syrup.

Pain Relief

For many, managing chronic pain is a full-time job in and of itself. There is no one-size-fits-all approach — each patient will require a customized approach to manage not only their discomfort, but their mental and emotional health. For some, that may be a combination of NSAIDs in transdermal creams with antidepressants or other treatments.


At Marco Drugs and Compounding, we source high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers to create pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements. We carry vitamin sprays, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, and other supplements to support your skin, heart, and brain health.

Stay Tuned for Our New Location

Our pharmacists and staff are incredibly excited about this new change. Stay tuned to see when our official opening date is on our social media — be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates. As a sneak peak, check out our drone rendering to see what our new location will look like!