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3 Ways a Specialty Medicine Compounding Pharmacy Can Ease Your Pain

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A common symptom of certain illnesses or conditions is pain. When you experience chronic pain, this high level of discomfort persists over weeks and even years. As a result, it can become uncomfortable to engage in your hobbies and complete your day-to-day activities—a devastating blow to your enjoyment of life. Even when you find the right medication to help you manage your pain, the side effects can be just as difficult to contend with. Fortunately, you may find relief in a specialty medicine compounding pharmacy. They are uniquely positioned to customize your prescriptions and make them more palatable for you. Here are a few ways that they can make medicine time easier.

#1: Manage Side Effects and Minimize Discomfort

With pain medications, many patients report an upset stomach, digestive irritation, nausea, drowsiness, constipation, or other uncomfortable side effects. These effects may be in part because your medication passes through your digestive system. If you have a condition such as arthritis, you might prefer a topical medicine instead. A specialty medicine compounding pharmacy may be able to provide you with gel, cream, and spray versions of your prescription. Your skin can absorb these topical solutions and bring pain relief right to the source of your pain.

#2: Avoid Pills or Tablets

Pills and tablets can be large and hard to swallow, making medicine time uncomfortable for many patients. Other patients may have certain conditions that make it difficult to swallow altogether. Unfortunately, you may find that your medication is only commercially available in these forms. On the bright side, your local compounding pharmacist may be able to bypass that and create a more palatable form just for you. This can include liquid solutions, nasal sprays, suppositories, or topical creams.

Psst… Your pharmacist might even be able to add more appealing flavors to your prescription so you can avoid a medicinal aftertaste.

#3: Receive the Right Dosage for Your Pain Level

Maybe your current dose is too strong or too weak for your level of pain. Some patients find that they need to break tablets in halves or quarters to get the right dose for them. Depending on your size, the intensity of your symptoms, and your pain tolerance, a one-size-fits-all medication may not work for you. That is why a specialty medicine compounding pharmacy recognizes your distinct needs and works with you to create a personalized solution.

Do you take multiple medications? Your pharmacist might even be able to put all your medications in a single dose to simplify your life.

Work with a Specialty Medicine Compounding Pharmacy for the Right Medication

You should not need to struggle through chronic pain or discomfort any longer. You might spend years looking for the best medication, only to discover that the side effects are overwhelming. At this point, many patients will suffer through the effects or give up taking their prescription altogether.

Before you give up, try looking for a local compounding pharmacy. They may be able to minimize your discomfort and make medicine time easier for you. If you live in South Florida, call Marco Drugs & Compounding first. You can talk to our pharmacist, Sonia, at 305-665-4411.