How to Get Your Pet to Take Their Veterinary Medicine

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Did you know that veterinary medicine can be compounded much like human medicine? Compounded pet medicine can make it easier for your pets to take their prescriptions. Your furry or feathered friends may have trouble taking their medicine for a number of reasons — the treatment may be bitter, hard to swallow, or otherwise unpleasant to take. If you have struggled with getting your pet to take their medication, struggle no more! We may be able to help you come up with a solution for your animal’s finicky tastes.

Why Should You Compound Your Pet’s Medicine?

If your friendly companion rejects their prescription, there are numerous benefits to a compounded veterinary medicine that might just be able to resolve your problems.

Compounded Medicine Can Provide Essential Treatments

Your furry friend may have a medical condition that requires treatment in pill form. The medicine may not be available in any other form. If your pet has difficulty taking pills (or prefers not to), this can pose a problem. Thankfully, a compounding pharmacy might be able to create a personalized form of medicine for your animal to take.

Compounded Medicine Tastes Better

As an animal owner, you probably know how difficult it can be to get your pet to take their medicine. In some instances, even hiding it in their food does not work! Luckily, there are other options. You can infuse a prescription medicine with chicken or liver flavors that your cat or dog is eager to consume. This makes medicine time less of a struggle for both you and them.

Compounded Medicine is Easier to Take

If your pet will not take pills, then a compounding pharmacy can help you create another form that is easier on them. Pet pharmacists might be able to create soft chews and liquid suspensions that your animal prefers to take.

Compounded Medicine May Be Safer for Your Pet

Much like human poisoning, animal poisoning through medication also poses a danger to your lovable companions. Conventional medications do not always account for a pet’s size and weight. Many pet owners find that they need to cut pills or tablets in half if the strength is too high. If traditional doses do not account for your animal’s needs, a veterinary compounding pharmacist can personalize the dosage strengths.

Compounded Medicine Can Allow You to Use Discontinued Medications

If a conventional medication has been discontinued, the struggle of finding another prescription that suits your pet is certainly real. Your local pet medicine pharmacy might just be able to provide you with that discontinued medication so you can avoid switching!

Talk to Us About Your Pet Medicine Needs

Veterinary medicine compounding is a specialty that requires specialized training, tools, and chemicals that traditional pharmacies may not provide or carry. Tell us about your animal’s medicine needs — we may be able to work with you and your veterinarian to personalize the:

  • Medicine form. Choose from forms like soft chews, liquid suspensions, and transdermal preparations.
  • Dosage. Customize the dose to your pet’s size and needs.
  • Flavor. Choose flavors that your animal enjoys.

We may even be able to combine two or more different medications so that your animal can take one pill for all of their concerns.

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